On any given Sunday, most people aren’t in church. How come?

You can guess and surmise. But I wanted to hear it straight. So I went out on a Sunday morning and asked people on the sidewalk why they weren’t in church. Here’s a summary of what they said:

“Weekends are a time for family. Sunday is the only morning we get to be together.”
“Church was passive, where they preached TO you, rather than listen.”
“It’s a one-way discussion. There’s no room for people to talk back.”
“They just want to be the best church around. Everybody wants to be bigger and better than the other churches. I don’t think that’s what the church should be about.”
So what do you think? How should we respond? We could conclude these people have faulty perceptions–and we could try some new image campaigns. Or, we could listen and reconsider how we’re attempting to encourage the greatest relationship in the world.

It’s a new year . . . and a new opportunity to be remarkable.