Trend tracker and author Faith Popcorn sees this decade dawning with a “frown on all things big.” The anti-big swing reflects a souring on big corporations and organizations.

We’ve detected evidence of this feeling toward churches as well. We heard it when we polled non-church-goers. They’re less interested in the Super Churches of yesterday. They say they’d more likely be drawn to a smaller faith community. That would go along with Faith Popcorn’s observation of a “desire to connect on a deeper level.”

This yearning helped shape our design for Lifetree Cafe. It’s a nationally licensed venue that seats no more than 50. People hear stories and converse with friends around small tables. They explore intriguing life issues–from a spiritual perspective. They’re connecting on a “deeper level” that could never happen in an auditorium filled with 500 or 5000 people.

In 2010, think small.