Will the CEOs give your church the infusion you think? Many churches make great efforts and spend lots of time and treasure to attract the CEOs–those Christmas and Easter Only people. For some churches, Christmas and Easter events are considered prime outreach opportunities.

But are they?

Researcher George Barna found that just 13% of those who “normally avoid church” would consider attending a church event at Christmastime. He said, “In past decades there was an assumption that the holidays were a time when outsiders might explore church life.  These days, however, churches and other religious institutions are not seen as safe or value-adding places by most outsiders.  They see little reason to attend seasonal events, especially since those events often highlight their outsider status.”

When these church avoiders do attend, do they come back? Most churches’ attendance figures indicate these seasonal events are not leading to real growth.

Here’s the disconnect. A relationship with a church (and a relationship with God) isn’t a one-time transaction. It’s a process. Outreach efforts based on one-time events have little chance of producing long-lasting results.

My friend Lee Sparks just wrote an article on this phenomenon and what to do about it.  Email me at tschultz@lifetreecafe.com and I’ll send you a copy.