Join host Thom Schultz (author, innovator, filmmaker and founder of Group Publishing) as he offers innovative approaches to ministry and challenges the status quo of today’s church.

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Holy Soup Episode 040: Breaking Through Bible Phobia

Listen to an exclusive sneak peak at Eyewitness, the first-of-its-kind story Bible designed to help adults discover God in fresh and surprising ways.

Holy Soup Episode 039: What COVID-19 Unveils About Today’s Youth Ministry

One age group is hit particularly hard with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s teenagers.

Holy Soup Episode 038: CoronaChurch- The Crowd Is No Longer Cool

The American church faces an upset like never before. The insidious coronavirus has slammed shut the church doors–locking out the faithful from gathered worship. What is happening? Where is God in all of this?

Holy Soup Episode 037: Lonely Kids and the Church

Gen Z is the loneliest and most socially isolated generation in history. How can churches help to fight this epidemic of loneliness while reaching today’s young people? Join Thom and special guest Dr. Josh Packard (a sociologist) as they discuss new research regarding Gen Z and the challenges the church is facing in reaching them.

Holy Soup Episode 036: Will Multisite Churches Work for the Next Generation?

Over the past decade, the multisite model of church has quickly grown in popularity and adoption. But will it continue to effectively engage and feed people moving forward, especially Generation Z?

Holy Soup Episode 035: Church: Here Come the Women

As the American church struggles to find its way, it may be downplaying one its strongest assets. Women.

Holy Soup Episode 034: The Endangered Church’s Tipping Point

For many years, the warning signs have mounted. The institutional church is in decline. But, up to now, few in the church have shown much desire to change, to seriously respond to the erosion around them. Has the church in America finally reached a tipping point?

Holy Soup Episode 033: The Internet and Church Attendance

Websites, social media, live streaming…. All important, but sometimes overwhelming for churches. When looking at your ministry’s digital presence, how can you balance impact with effort while reaching people with the love of Jesus?

Holy Soup Episode 032: The Dangers of Under- or Over-Reacting to Church Security Risks

Churches strive to make people feel welcome by creating a warm environment where ministry and friendship flourish. At the same time, ensuring the safety of those entering your building is quickly becoming a necessity. Is it possible to mix the ministry and security without sacrificing hospitality?

Holy Soup Episode 031: Making Disciples—or Just Smartypants?

After modeling how to actually make disciples, Jesus left us with the challenge to “make disciples of all nations.” So how is his church doing with that endeavor, after 2,000 years?

Holy Soup Episode 030- Social Outrage & The Church

Join Thom and special guest Derwin Gray (author and pastor) as they discuss how churches can navigate a response to current issues of social outrage including areas of racial and political division.

Holy Soup Episode 029- Church Planting: Just to Get Big?

The church planting movement in the U.S. appears to be at an all-time high. But as a church plant grows, is it able to still fulfill the main goals it was planted for in the first place?

Holy Soup Episode 028: The Church & Race Relations: Help or Hurt?

With racial tensions on the rise around the country, what unique opportunity does the church have to lead the push toward racial reconciliation?

Holy Soup Episode 27: The Startling Response from Young People Who Left the Church

What’s behind the increasingly common exit of Millennials and Gen Z from the church? It may not be what most pastors and church leaders expect.

Holy Soup Episode 026: What American Churches Can Learn From Shrunken European Churches

Are American churches going the way of Europe’s declining religious institutions? Church attendance across Europe has dropped to single-digit percentages. In that environment, how is the church adapting and finding effectiveness?

Holy Soup Episode 025: Journey of a Religious ‘Done’

Once she was a dedicated church member, loyal and committed. Now, she’s done with church, but is finding her faith more alive than ever before.

Holy Soup Episode 024: The Shack: See or Shun?

Is the film adaptation of the best-selling book “The Shack” something to shun and fear? Or is it a unique opportunity to start conversations about the heart of God? Dive into the issue with author William Paul Young on this week’s Holy Soup Podcast.

Holy Soup Episode 023: The Rise of the Bi-Vocational Ministry

While full-time paid ministry positions are shrinking, the pool of bi-vocational ministers is growing. Discover what’s behind the trend and how it may impact your ministry in this week’s Holy Soup Podcast.

Holy Soup Episode 022: When You’re Not the Boss

Brian Bennett spent years interviewing the top ‘number 2’s’ from around the country including assistant pastors, golf caddies and even a vice president of the United States. What qualities did he discover that makes them all great in their unique role? Discover on this special Holy Soup Podcast.

Holy Soup Episode 021: From Sleeper Sermons to Moving Messages

“We’re stuck in using the most archaic and unreliable ways to communicate the best message that’s ever been out there.” Find out what new research reveals about ‘the lecture style’ and how to reach a new generation in this special Holy Soup Podcast with author and pastor Rich Bundschuh.


Holy Soup Episode 020: Pastoring the Dones

He was once a mega-church pastor, but now he says he’s DONE with the institutional church. Hear his honest and revealing story and learn what your church can do to reach the ‘almost dones’.


Holy Soup Episode 019: ‘If It Doesn’t Fill My Pews, Forget It’

Can the modern church, in its present form, afford to spread the love of Christ even if it gets nothing in return? Can it afford NOT to? Join special host Mikal Keefer and his guest David Staal of Kids Hope USA as they discuss the challenges and benefits.


Holy Soup Episode 018: No More Full-Time Minister

They balance a full-time job with a calling in ministry. How are bi-vocational pastors challenging the concept of professional ministry and finding opportunities to engage their faith in new ways. Featuring Thom Schultz and special guest Chris Folsmbee, an author and millennial expert.


Holy Soup Episode 017: A Christian’s Reaction To Islamic Terror

Some Christian leaders say to be cautious of Muslim immigrants coming to the U.S. Others say to welcome them into our churches and homes. See the different perspectives as Thom visits with author and expert Carl Medearis.


Holy Soup Episode 016: Raising Kids in a Spiritual Vacuum

What’s the best way to teach the current and future generations of children about God? At home? At church? Both? Discover some insight as VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer joins Thom on the HolySoup Podcast.


Holy Soup Episode 015: Refugee Crush: The Church’s Time to Fear or Love?

What should the American church’s response to a growing refugee crisis in Syria and other parts of the world be? Hear what you and your church can do as the World Relief director of church mobilization joins the Podcast.


Holy Soup Episode 014: For Those Who Flunk The Bible Quiz

Some Christian leaders say a lack of biblical literacy is the chief cause of society’s moral decay. But others are not so sure. What is the role of the Bible in people’s everyday life? Join the discussion with Thom and pastor and author Jeremy Myers.


Holy Soup Episode 013: Christians Conquering Clinton and Trump

What role, if any, can the Church play in the upcoming election season? Learn how to be politically involved without falling into a trap as Thom is joined by author Kristopher Norris.


Holy Soup Episode 012: Gender Bending Church Restrooms

What do you need to know about new “bathroom” guidelines recently issued the EEOC and how will they impact your church? We’ll help you prepare you.


Holy Soup Episode 011: Dangers of Spiritual Abuse

What is spiritual abuse, why is it happening and who are the culprits? Learn the details from a man who specializing in counseling victims and perpetrators of spiritual abuse.


Holy Soup Episode 010: The Cost of Conscience in the Culture Wars

At the time, Michael Lindsay had no idea he’d just lit a fuse that would threaten to explode his institution. Hear an exclusive interview with Lindsay, President of Gordon College, and learn how he weathered the storm.


Holy Soup Episode 009: How the Church Confronts Evil

How is the church responding to the existence of evil and demonic suppositions in the public discourse? Hear the answer from a Vatican certified practicing exorcist in this very special Holy Soup Podcast.


Holy Soup Episode 008: Trouble at Christian Colleges and Seminaries

Christian College and Seminary enrollments across the country continue to decline. Costs continue to climb. Support from denominations and donors continues to erode. Hear what’s gone wrong and what’s being done to change it from a former Seminary Dean during this Holy Soup Podcast.


Holy Soup Episode 007: Jesus at the Pub: Dangerous Cocktail?

This pastor made a decision that not only changed his congregation, it’s changing his community. Now over 90% of his members are actively engaged in ministry. Find out what he did in this Holy Soup Podcast.


Holy Soup Episode 006: The Sound That Kills Worship

One side says the worship volume is so loud it’s causing headaches. The other says it’s right where it needs to be for the best experience. Who’s right and what does a new scientific study say about the issue?


Holy Soup Episode 005: He Stopped the Sermon

After many years in the pulpit, Steve Simms gave up preaching. He turned the floor over to his congregation. And he’s never looked back. Hear his revelation in this Holy Soup Podcast.


Holy Soup Episode 004: End Times: Scary Sermons or Taboo Territory?

While some are reluctant to talk about the end times, others are eager to discuss and even preach about the topic. Why is there such a difference? Unpack the issue with Thom and author Billy Hallowell.


Holy Soup Episode 003: Talking About God Without Being a Jerk


Holy Soup Episode 002: Have We Been Sold a Fake Jesus?


Holy Soup Episode 001: Are The Dones Really Christian?