I just returned from a land where the church is booming.

I found the conditions there fascinating. The Christian population may double in the next few years. The church is growing so fast no one really has an accurate current count. How is it thriving–with characteristics that most may find counter-intuitive?
  • Almost all the churches are small–typically no more than a couple dozen members. When they grow beyond that, they sprout new churches.
  • Nobody cares about the typical church ABCs–attendance, buildings, and cash. Instead they focus closely on the One Thing–a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • They aren’t divided into tribes that are distinguished by theological hair-splitting.
  • They don’t attend ministry conferences.
  • They can’t name even one famous pastor whose ministry they could covet.
  • They receive no help or tax-free status from the government. In fact, the government stands in the way of the church.
What can we learn from this land, where tens of thousands commit their lives to Christ every day? We need to pay attention. Assuming current growth trends, this will represent the largest Christian population in the world. Where is this place? China.