After watching some of the latest historical Jesus shows on television, I wondered how Jesus would be received if he’d make a similar physical visit today.

Would his mission be similar? He’d be coming at a similar time when the religious establishment has calcified around certain practices, places, rules and rituals. Would he seek to shake that up? I wonder.

Where would he hang out? Would he make his appearances and do his remarkable work primarily on Sundays in beautiful, theater-like church buildings? Or somewhere else?

For whom would he prioritize his ministry? The religious establishment status quo? Or someone else?

Would he construct an intricate membership organization that relies on sizable weekly attendance to survive? Or would he simply touch people wherever he’d find them?

With whom would he share a meal? Celebrities? Or the “little people” and the scorned?

If religious leaders would bring a person caught in sexual sin, how would Jesus react? Condemn the person? Or protect the person from the condemning leaders?

What would he say to those who staunchly guard the religious traditions and practices of the day–the Sunday rituals, the 30-minute lecture/sermon, the musical formula, a particular English translation of the scriptures? Congratulate them? Or challenge their human assumptions?

What would be his mission’s end game, his measure of success? Convincing the people to become habitual spectators at Sunday morning presentations? Or to join him on a mission of love?

I wonder.