It’s that time of year. Time to take an honest look at your health and body. Time to resolve to make some changes.

It may be time to go on a diet. And for people in ministry, it may be time to go on a ministry diet. Time to cut back on some things. Time to eliminate some things from the diet entirely.

If you’re ready to resolve to minister healthier, here are a few diet steps to get you started.

1. Stop idolizing famous ministry celebrities. Listen to other voices. Get some fresh perspectives–from outside the predictable, churchy, look-at-me machine.

2. Reduce your after-hours meetings. They’re dulling your senses and killing your personal life.

3. Drop your tendency to be the designated pray-er at every meeting and meal. Encourage others to pray. When you do all the praying, it sends the subtle message that only eloquent professionals can talk with God.

4. Be careful what you measure. Obsessing over attendance and revenue leads to poor health. Instead, weigh your effectiveness on the stories of individual life change and spiritual growth.

5. Stop comparing. Forget that other church that has bigger attendance, bigger buildings, bigger budgets, and bigger staff. Let God use you right where you are, with what he’s given you.

6. Control your compulsion to control. You don’t have to do everything–or have everything done your way. Let others shine. Even if they don’t do things just as you’d do them.

7. Talk less. Listen more.

So, that’s a start. What’s on your list for this year?