Overheard at a Starbucks somewhere in America:

CHURCH PLANTER: Hi there. I’m Tyler.


PLANTER: Hi, Guy. Hey, I’m new in town, and I’m starting a new church called The Ride.

GUY: A church? Don’t we have like 100 of those already?

PLANTER: Well, yeah, but The Ride is different.

GUY: Different? So your services aren’t made up of sing-along songs and preaching?

PLANTER: Well, yeah, but we do better songs.

GUY: I don’t sing. At least not in public.

PLANTER: Well, that’s just the warm-up for the other half—the message.

GUY: Do you mean the preaching?

PLANTER: Well, we don’t call it that. No one likes to be preached at.

GUY: Yeah. I’d rather have more of a conversation.

PLANTER: So, Guy, what are you looking for in a church?

GUY: You’re assuming I’m looking for a church.

PLANTER: Oh. No, no. I’m sorry. Let me start over. I think a lot of people are looking for a small gathering of people, just to talk about life and how God fits into it all.

GUY: That sounds good. I like small. So, your goal is to have a small community?

PLANTER: Well, of course we’d like to see it grow into a large church eventually.

GUY: So that’s what you’re after?

PLANTER: Well, I believe God has a big vision for us.

GUY: Okay. Nice talking with you. Good luck with The Ride.