Easter will look very different this year at America’s churches. No Easter sunrise services. No Easter egg hunts for the kids. Church doors locked on the biggest day of the church year.

But that will not stop the good news of the risen Christ.

Group Publishing is partnering with churches nationwide to invite the public to find the resurrected Jesus—in scripture. Delivered—with pandemic sensitivity—in an Easter Sunday Bible drive-through. A spiritual vaccination for whatever may come in the days ahead.

Community members will be invited to drive to a nearby church and grab a free deluxe Bible, without leaving their car, maintaining social distancing. Each Bible will be already marked with the Easter story, and other helpful passages of hope.

Group Publishing has offered churches a stack of its popular Jesus-Centered Bible, the leatherette edition. No charge to the church.

Churches may find details here. The free Bible project is limited to the first responding churches.

The Jesus-Centered Bible, in the New Living Translation, highlights connections to Jesus throughout—including in the Old Testament, as indicated by blue lettering.

The plague of 2020 may keep people out of the pews, but just like the grave in Jerusalem, it cannot hold back the power of the resurrected Christ.