The woman began to weep after we inducted her into Group’s Sunday School Hall of Fame.

“I’ve taught for 50 years. This is the first time anyone stopped to thank me.”

Then I began to weep. Too often, paid and unpaid ministry leaders and workers serve faithfully with little affirmation or thanks.

Well, this is a good season for me to stop and give thanks. I’ve received a lifetime of blessings from my church leaders and workers. I owe many thanks. Here’s a few that should go unmentioned no longer.

Thank you for…

  1. Knowing my name, and the names of my family members.
  2. Urging me to call you simply by your first name.
  3. Spending time with my son, providing him with a formative adult Christian friend.
  4. Demonstrating, through your life, how to keep the faith in tough personal times.
  5. Praying for me.
  6. Refusing the temptation to pass along gossip.
  7. Your thoughtful hand-written notes.
  8. Doing what’s right, rather than what’s denominationally correct.
  9. Allowing volunteers to run with their ministry passions.
  10. Your eagerness to learn—even from non-ministry voices.
  11. Acknowledging your weaknesses.
  12. Spending time on my turf.
  13. Your childlike exuberance for finding lost sheep.
  14. Your active support for other staff.
  15. Sharing the stage with non-professionals who have a God story to share.
  16. Remembering to say thank-you—even when we forget to do the same.