The people of the World Wide Web have penetrating questions for the people lurking behind those stained glass windows. I know. I see their questions every day.

As an official blogger on the church beat I see web analytics that reveal what things people type into Google and other search engines. They wonder about all sorts of things. They’re looking for answers. Sometimes their search probes inspire my blog posts. But sometimes I am simply dumbstruck.

So I come to you, my faithful readers. I offer here a small sampling of actual searches looking for answers. I did not make these up. Perhaps you can help these wondering people.

Recent search terms

  1. how to tell if worship team does not want you
  2. why are church people so mean?
  3. dying church with old members and young pastor
  4. don’t wait for four strong men to take you to church
  5. single christian men are not in church
  6. god doesnt want people to be smart
  7. why are church people horrible to people who don’t go to church
  8. i dont want to visit childhood church too many nosy people
  9. reasons why youths are not attending vanacular services in the church
  10. what is the reason a man wants to call attention to himself by singing too loud in church
  11. what do people do who don’t go to church on sundays?
  12. christian church songs devil worshiping sing accidentally
  13. i go to a large church the pastor doesnt try to know me
  14. sermon on getting rid of the fungus in the church
  15. if sad sing worship if happy sing praise
  16. sermon for people who dont go to church
  17. how much pressure are most pastors under to grow their churches
  18. what god thinks of christians who dont attend church
  19. are there any male hair stylists who are christians
  20. do churches still sing “i pledge allegiance to the lamb”
  21. pastor saying that gay people have a smell

This is what’s on the mind of the people. They’re looking to the online community for advice. Can you help?