Bear with me as I fantasize. About Sunday morning. At church.

The worship leader begins the service with: “Everybody please be seated. I don’t know why I’ve asked you to stand every time we sing. But whatever the reason, I realized it’s become just another cliche´. So please be seated.”

The pastor begins the sermon–and stops after five minutes. “That’s it. I really don’t need to say any more. You got the point. Some of Jesus’ best stuff took no longer than five minutes to deliver. I like his style. Amen.”

The pastor concludes the service with an assignment: “Spend the next week looking for God in action. Then come back next Sunday. We’re suspending the singing. And the sermon. We’re just going to listen to your stories of your God sightings. Have a good week.”

Thanks for indulging me and my fantasies. What’s yours?